Gigi Wrap Up/Ricardo HD/Chao in Space III

2012-11-25 09:41:22 by Budj

First things first... if you haven't watched Gigi, check it out below!

Thanks to those who watched it, voted for it and reviewed it in the portal! The Daily feature was a welcome surprise. I read all reviews even if I don't respond and I have taken all the feedback on board and plan on applying it to any follow ups of Gigi; be it a series or game.

Interms of what is next, Ricardo's Quest HD is still in the pipeline, as well as some more joint projects with Joey and Esty. As of late though I have been pumping out the redesigns for the characters from my old sprite series that I pretty much abandoned a couple years ago; Casino Vs Mario Vs Sonic. I want to finish the series off but without using sprites. You can view the redesigns and other artwork on my Facebook page.

Within the next fortnight, I hope to have a proper update on something new :>.


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haha fuck you esty i'm last :D


2012-12-04 17:34:07

This was very well made, I love it.


2012-12-04 17:36:33

I've just notice that I'm going to college for the same degree as you. That's freaking sweet man.