Keaton's Tale, The SuperLab

2012-12-12 18:14:49 by Budj

Hey if you guys haven't already, be sure to check out A Keaton's Tale. It's a pretty neat little flick created by Esty with the help of some very talented voice actors... and then me of course :<.

Anyway the likes of myself, Joey, Esty, Teejay, Aimee, Glenn, Tamiko, Anna and Andrew recently formed a super group on Skype (as cool as that sounds >__>). We share our project ideas, give each other feedback and of course outsource each others help; be it voice acting, animation, producing or artwork etc. Inbetween all of this, we tend to have some random ass conversations too lol.

We have some seriously talented people here that aren't currently hugely known on Newgrounds. Be sure to check a couple of them out if you need voice actors or anything lol :>. Anyway, this pic is relevant to A Keaton's Tale.

Keaton's Tale, The SuperLab


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2012-12-12 18:50:04

Daww, thanks budge : > I hope people will start to utilized these certain voice actors and artists more,
good advertising for the SuperLab!

Condescending Cremia

Budj responds:

so jealous


2012-12-12 20:10:26

Aww, shucks! *blush*
"Super freak, super freak, we're super freaky- yeaaaaah!"

(Updated ) Budj responds:

boo-fuckin-raah! :>


2012-12-13 04:15:23

guy that made me meme was best cunt

Budj responds:

who r u