Help "Kickstart" Freedom Planet (lol)

2013-01-24 01:37:19 by Budj

For those who are unaware, Freedom Planet is a Sonic the Hedgehog inspired platform web game with original characters, music and voice talent from all over the web. Among them are Newgrounds own Seymour, Omahdon, KaggyVA and ATheatricalSongBird (who voiced Gigi in my latest cartoon).

Freedom Planet has raised an insane amount of money within a week on Kickstarter and it's found its way onto Steam Greenlight too. If you have a Steam account, head on over there and vote it up! If you like the game and want to give money, a $10 pledge will get you the game for free when it's eventually released on Windows and Steam. Better yet if you want to help with the games development, a higher pledge can earn you tester status or even the ability to design graphics for it. :>

On an unrelated note, here is some anime-style artwork of Gigi by the disgustingly talented Seraphim87. Go check out his stuff on DeviantArt if you're after an art commission. And he's not above drawing MLP hentai either, so Bronies come at him! ;>

Help "Kickstart" Freedom Planet (lol)


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2013-01-24 06:21:09

Awww, your post is so much more cooler than mine!
I make for a horrible advertiser. Thanks for the plug XD
WOO! Go, Freedom Planet!

Budj responds:

I had a front page post to use and nothing to report on... lol ^________^


2013-01-24 07:40:21

I long since lost touch with sonic :< but this is a breath of fresh air and I love the style it really captures the old sonic style with speed and generally fun bosses (looks back at the magadrive days) I will be buying this on release :3 good luck with the project :3

Budj responds:

It looks like a fun little adventure title, the essense of what Sonic used to be before they kinda fucked everything up lol.


2013-01-24 12:00:46


Budj responds:

konnichi wa


2013-01-24 12:44:04

Sonic inspired game? Made by fans? I wouldn't touch that with a 10 foot sterilized pole..that someone else was holding.

Budj responds:

Most Sonic-fan made games are better than the official ones. Is truth lol.


2013-01-24 13:59:35

And pledged. That planet better get freedom'd.

Budj responds:

It certainly looks that way at the moment. :>


2013-01-24 14:16:36

Wow, that is really gay.

Budj responds:

you're really gay


2013-01-24 16:43:20

Weird. I swear, I've seen videos of this game somewhere before.

Budj responds:

It's got quite a following it seems.


2013-01-25 04:20:46

In a kickstarter, "Sonic The Hedgehog Inspired" and "Original Characters" do not go well in a sentence.


2013-01-25 11:26:44

Will Blonic and Sonichu be there?
The game actually looks pretty cool.
Better than most recent Sonic exploits.

Budj responds:

Maybe as downloadable content.


2013-01-25 12:00:34

Quite interesting, actually.
I hope that you guys could succeed for Greenlighting this game.


2013-02-09 08:11:59

Maybe this could be something that the dissappointed Sonic fans could look forward too. During the latest time, I have only tested two sonic games that didn't dissappoint, and that was Sonic colours and Sonic generations.

Budj responds:

Colours and Generations were good. Everything else post Sonic Heroes has been pretty miss.


2013-02-09 17:22:54

Hey guys I found a muffin

Budj responds:

Keep it to yourself!


2013-02-10 22:23:05

You Australians are freaks of nature, I swear.

Also, Facebook sucks.

Budj responds:

Nether of those statements are news to me. Lol.