Pico Gay 2013/Retrology/Whorziez?

2013-04-28 23:34:45 by Budj

Happy Pico Day... I guess. I mean it's a day or two late but the banner is still up so whatevz. I was gonna make a Castle Crashers cartoon but I ran out of time because of this shit :<.

On the subject, it has been two weeks since Gigi's PSA was uploaded and I've had a decent surge in YouTube subscribers since then. I know 200 isn't considered alot by many, but considering how neglected the channel was I'm pretty happy so many have subbed me. If you feel like adding to the cause, sub me here! :>

My SuperLab team and I have been brewing a shit storm of ideas for future animations. One such animation has been appropriately titled 'Whorziez'. I don't wanna say much about it yet, except that it tells the story of three delinquent MLP ponies after they were 'banished' from Equestria. Anna, Aimee and Tamiko will be lending their voices for that and we are super excited about it! There is also the likes of Goombario's Story, Ricardo's Quest HD and a reboot of Chao in Space: CvMvS, which will be coming out in the not too distant future (hopefully). Keep an eye on our SuperLab page for more! :>

Also, I am currently working on a short animated segment for this new series on YouTube called Retrology. It's a web series created by Suezo that focuses mostly on game reviews, but is built around a fun story and quirky characters (including a talking Gameboy). Newgrounds' own anjidu, jadzxa and Seymour are also involved with this project. You can check out the first episode below. I feel this is gonna be something big :>

That's pretty much it for the moment I guess lol. Aimee has been plastering her voice all over the Audio Portal as of late so be sure to check her stuff out if you need an Aussie voice actress. Also be sure to check out MissColleenJays (Pebbles' VA in my old sprite series) page, she's working on a new animated series too that I'm sure will kick all kinds of arse! We will have more updates soon! In the meantime, like my page on Facebook :>.

Art by Andrew.

Pico Gay 2013/Retrology/Whorziez?


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2013-04-28 23:42:30

Excuse me sir. Could you spare a moment to hear the word of god?

Budj responds:

He sounds like a nice fellow.


2013-04-28 23:50:40

Bahaha, I apologise for my plastering!
...I get bored easily :)

(Updated ) Budj responds:

Not quite Joel standard yet. :>


2013-04-28 23:51:42

Lol Xenu be praised looks like the future is bright : >

Budj responds:

Praise Xenu!


2013-05-07 00:36:06

yo pass me some of that haterade you sippin dog