Upcoming Animations for NG in 2013! :>

2013-06-17 10:32:12 by Budj

I currently have a handful of projects in the works that I am hoping to get out this year. If time allows anyway... lol.

Ricardo's Quest HD
Just over a year ago, I started work on this animation for college that was supposed to be a remake of an animation I made in 2009. Due to the time constraints of the assessment, I was unable to complete the whole thing the way I invisioned. Since time limits are not an issue for me right now, I've decided to go back in and finish what I started! The animation stars the voices of the talented anjidu, Potnyx, RicePirate and MissColleenJay. There are a couple characters that may still need voice actors but I'll make mention of that when the time comes.

What started out as idea shitstorming over Skype has quickly turned into something me and the SuperLab crew are pretty excited about. A different take on a My Little Pony parody, Whorzies stars the likes of anjidu, ATheatricalSongBird and potnyx as three delinquint 'horsies' that are forced to take on the roles of super heroes after being arrested for public indecency. I'll be including a teaser to this one at the end of Ricardo's Quest HD.

Gigi & Lily
Last but not least, a continuation of the adventures of Gigi! Gigi was my second semester assignment from last year and managed to get me my first Daily Feature on Newgrounds. I've been working alot on her design and story as of late as well as slew of new characters, so I'm pretty pumped to get this out there too. I might make it Christmas themed if it lands around December... just to be topical. :>.

In addition to all of that, I am helping with some upcoming projects from the likes of EASTBEAST, Joeylicious and teejay-number13 so be sure to look out for them too! I'll have more details as the become available!

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2013-06-17 10:57:46

So that teaser pic of that pony from before is for a animation which is a new take on a MLP parody? OMG YES!

Budj responds:

Lol we'll see. :>


2013-06-17 12:12:10



2013-06-17 12:19:46

Whoa 3 comments!!? Just kidding. Looks good so far, upcoming projects and all : >


2013-06-17 22:46:34

Hopefully your boob and boob bounce count are high.

Budj responds:

One can hope.