2014 is (hopefully) gonna be a big year.

2014-01-05 06:00:00 by Budj

Let me begin by saying happy belated new year!

2013 (animation-wise) was abysmal for me to say the least. Mostly due to lack of time to animate, but also due to the fact I've been teaching myself a few things about both animation and Flash to make my stuff look prettier. I'm currently working with a team of talented people on quite a few cool things that I hope to share soon and in a consistant fashion. Among them are these:

My belated Christmas cartoon entitled 'Lighten Up' is my second proper cartoon to feature my Gigi character. It introduces her American twin sister (as voiced by anjidu) as they try and get Franky the Scarecrow into the Christmas spirit. I've been doing a lot of experimenting with this and got some art/animation help from EASTBEAST, Joeylicious and Muffyn-Man. Obviously it's late, but do expect it out sometime within the next month or so.


This will be the last time I mention this one until it's done, but Ricardo's Quest HD is still chugging along too. A remake of the first ever animation I made with a few extra special bits added. You can view the teaser for this project below!

Thirdly, those who remember my Casino character from 2010 might like to know I have full intentions of reviving him this year. I'm not sure in what fashion, but the five main characters will be returning (with their original voice actors too). If there remain any fans of that series, stay tuned!

Apart from that, there is a lot of collaborative stuff I am helping with from the likes of EASTBEAST, MissColleenJay, Joeylicious, ATheatricalSongBird, Suezo and anjidu but I can't speak of them just yet. I will be sure to make a post when they become available.

So yeah, there's a lot of stuff coming lol! Here's to hoping 2014 is a little more productive! Don't forget to follow my Facebook page for all of my latest if you haven't already! :>


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2014-01-05 06:19:53

me (mandog) is gay!

Budj responds:

I won't judge.


2014-01-05 06:33:09

If the money's right, and it aint tight, alright!

Budj responds:



2014-01-06 09:02:24

Huh. More Casino?
Count me in!
I wish you best of luck with "Ricardo's Quest" and your other project too.

Budj responds:

Thanks muchly. Same to you :>.


2014-01-06 10:46:35


Where's your avatar from?

It are seem familiar to we.

Budj responds:

Princess and the Frog ;o