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The Sales Floor

2016-06-02 08:40:02 by Budj

So I'm working on this show based off my time working in retail called The Sales Floor. It's looking pretty sweet, and if that sort of thing interests you maybe consider clicking that link and liking the Facebook page! There's two seconds of completed animation on there at the moment!



Casino Remastered on Newgrounds!

2016-03-26 18:27:55 by Budj

I was thinking of uploading the remasters of Casino Vs Mario Vs Sonic 1 and 2 to Newgrounds as seperate animations, but since they won awards and stuff I decided to just upload them in place of the originals. You can watch them below.

Also Casino Rebooted Episode 1 is probably still being made. Perhaps. Stay tuned for that.

An old animation.

2016-03-01 23:14:05 by Budj

An old uni animation I made back in 2012 before Gigi. I didn't upload it directly to Newgrounds because it's old and I'm pretty sure it would get torn apart. The full version I will probably post here when and if I finish it. Lol. Thanks RicePirate for the voice work you did all those years ago.


Two New YouTube Trailers

2016-02-08 09:15:24 by Budj

Yeah I know, YouTube is shit. Anyway I just launched two new channels, the trailers are below.

Cheers Suezo for doing the voice track for those videos! New stuff coming soon, hopefully this month. I'll be uploading to Newgrounds first, ain't you lucky?


I made an intro!

2016-01-21 07:23:09 by Budj

Hooray for me. Now I'll get to actually making the show.  


Got a new show coming soon!

2016-01-01 08:49:46 by Budj

Also happy new year! It's been a while since I've posted anything here.

Anyway I hit a few snags and Casino Rebooted got pushed back a little. Here's a short teaser thing I just made.

New years resolution is to create some more animation. Been pretty slack since the days of Gigi due to life and whatnot getting in the way.


Fuck Yeah YouTube Red

2015-11-04 05:03:36 by Budj

... sounds fucking horrible! I'd type a soap box about it here but I think checking out those toons on the front page might serve you a little better.


What a shame...

Anyway to slightly distract from that, Gigi turned three today on Newgrounds! Won me my first Daily 1st so that's pretty special! Might make a new one at some point. Check it out below.

Catchya next time, hopefully with an update!

Woah so g'day! The Dramatic Death collab assembled by Jazza was posted like a week or something ago and it had tons of awesome submissions in it. I made the tacky GoAnimate skit at 47 seconds in (it was created in Flash) so go have a squiz if you're into watching stuff die!

Apart from that, I am still working on Casino Rebooted. Here is another scene similar to the Touche' clip I put up!

Until next fortnight!

No Mad Ness Day 2 this year...

2015-09-22 09:52:19 by Budj

A thousand apologies to the handful of people that enjoyed Mad Ness Day last year, as I follow up animation was unable to be completed. Although to be fair, I never began working on it lol! But if you wish to celebrate the madness anyway, here is my submission from yesteryear!

After Madness Day is over I may upload something new and kind of short for Casino Rebooted! Fingers crossed, and happy Madness Day!

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Short Casino Rebooted Animatic!

2015-09-08 08:45:32 by Budj

So hey I am actually working on shit! Here is a short piece of the animatic for the Casino Rebooted teaser, which should be done within the month! (Warning, contains some naughty language!)

Yes, that is Casino and Pebbles from my old dead sprite series. MissColleenJay was nice enough to reprise her role as Pebbles even after 5 years of nothing.


Anyway until next time...